Aggravation Board Game

Our rendition of the classic board game aggravation. This one is an 18″ round board carved out of solid walnut and features a round bowl for throwing dice for gameplay. It includes 6 sets of colored marble game pieces and painted slots to mark starting points and home slots.

Dead Blow Mallet

This mallet features a custom engraved logo on the 5×3″ head built from solid cherry and walnut. The cherry handle is 9″ long and finished with chamfered edges for style and comfort. The head has a cavity filled with steel shot, adding a little weight and distributing the striking force. The dead blow mallet is…

Railroad Spike Baseball Hat Rack

Add a custom hat rack for the sports fans in your family. Built from solid walnut, this hat rack features restored railroad spikes and custom carved and painted names for each spot. This also features room to carve your team’s logo. This version measures 24″ by 4″, but can be customized to fit you space….

Wooden Silhouettes

Capture your children, pets, or whole family with our new take on the classic silhouette. The contrasting natural colors of the walnut (foreground) and hickory (background) provide the perfect balance for your silhouette. They come ready to hang on the wall with no need for an extra frame. Measures about 10″ x 8″ and can…