Kids Name Piggy Bank

Our customized piggy bank is perfect for the kid who wants to see their savings grow in style! Carved out of solid wood, the letter has a thick acrylic cover with their name engraved in it. Even when they’ve moved on from saving their pennies, this becomes a keepsake they’ll treasure for years to come!

Name Puzzle

Our name puzzle features 2.5″ tall letters and custom symbols that fit nicely into a solid wood base. Cut out of 1/2″ thick wood and stained to highlight the natural wood grain.

Name Block Sign

This sign accentuates and personalizes any kids rooms with their name prominently displayed! This one is built using 9”x9”x3” blocks for a total size of about 45”x14”x3”. It features a font and colors to match the theme of the room and is securely minted using a French cleat.

Chalkboard Laptop

Give your little one a laptop they can use for years. Add a little chalk and a lot of imagination and they’ll have hours of fun! Made from 3/4″ plywood, the laptop measures 13.5 x 9.5″ and has stop hinges so it opens to the perfect spot and stays open. It features 2 separate chalkboards…