Aggravation Board Game

Our rendition of the classic board game aggravation. This one is an 18″ round board carved out of solid walnut and features a round bowl for throwing dice for gameplay. It includes 6 sets of colored marble game pieces and painted slots to mark starting points and home slots.

Name Block Sign

This sign accentuates and personalizes any kids rooms with their name prominently displayed! This one is built using 9”x9”x3” blocks for a total size of about 45”x14”x3”. It features a font and colors to match the theme of the room and is securely minted using a French cleat.

Dead Blow Mallet

This mallet features a custom engraved logo on the 5×3″ head built from solid cherry and walnut. The cherry handle is 9″ long and finished with chamfered edges for style and comfort. The head has a cavity filled with steel shot, adding a little weight and distributing the striking force. The dead blow mallet is…

Growth Chart

Our growth chart is the perfect way to record you child’s height through the years! At 6′ tall it includes a mark for every inch for easy recording. This one is made from solid mahogany with a natural finish bring out the beauty of the wood. It can be customized with a name and image…